Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Process Work?

You and the designer will have a scheduled consultation where you will share ideas on which type of gown you would like to have made. Fabrics and trims will be provided to choose from based on requested design.

Measurements will be taken along with signing your bridal/special occasions contract to secure your creative production process with Amelia Symone.

What Is Included In The Consultation Fee?

Consultation fee includes a private consultation with you and the designer where you will receive sketches, fabric & trim selections to create your custom dress.
You or your Bridal Party will be measured to create custom dress patterns to fit true to size. This fee* will go towards your dress once you have signed the contract and have agreed to creating your custom dress with Amelia Symone

*In addition this fee does not go towards your 50% down payment.

How Much Do I Need to Begin Creating My Custom Dress?

At your consultation you must be able to provide a 50% deposit to begin creating your custom dress. This is a Non-Refundable purchase. If you have additional questions please feel free to speak with owner.

*Consultation fee is not included in the 50% down payment

How Long Does it Take?

Please be aware that some fabrics and trims may have to be ordered from overseas which can take up to 2-3 weeks to be received.

1. For Bridesmaids the process takes about 3-5 months up until the month of the wedding.
2. For Brides the process takes about 6 months up until the month of the wedding
3. For Special Occasion the process takes about 1 month.

Do you Ship?

Yes, Amelia Symone gladly ships to those who are out of state! To learn more, please speak with owner to better understand the shipping process based on your needs.